Snacks & Appetizers  
Wings ( Per Pound) 8Pcs   $9.60
Hot, Honey, Garlic & Tangy Thai  
Only Samosa $1.00
Channa Samosa  
Mashed Potatoes with masala warped and deep fried
Served with chana and sweet red Chutney
Veg Manchurian $10.00
Spring Rolls (8Pcs) $8.00
Tawa Tikka $6.99
Vegetables Potatoes, Channa Dal, Onions & Spices  
Vegetable Pakora/Gobi Pakora $6.99
Vegetable fritters mixed / Cauliflower Pieces with spices  
Chat Papadi $6.99
Crubcy Papadi with chopped onion, potato pead and wada topped with yogurt
and green and red chutney
Channa Bhature (Lunch Time Only) $6.50
Leavened deep fried bread, served with chickpeas, Carrot, pickle and plain raita  
Paneer Pakora $8.00
Cottage cheese cut in squares coated with bensin and fried  
Chicken Pakora $9.99
Boneless chicken pieces with spices & batter fried  
Fish Pakora $12.00
Fish marinated in channa flour, garlic and batter fried  
Chilli Kabab (Chicken/Lamb) $14.95
Minced lamb blended with spices & chilly sauce  
Mixed Appetizers $15.99
Paneer Pakoras, Gobi Pakoras, Chicken Pakoras, Fish Pakoras  
Veg Noodles $7.50
Tandoori Non vegetarian & Vegetarian  
Chicken Tikka $13.00
Boneless chicken, baked in tandoor, served with chutney and salad  
Chicken Malai Tikka $13.00
Cooked with fresh boneless chicken, dairy products, nuts & Spices  
Lamb Chop (8 Pc) $22.00
Marinated fresh lamb, barbecued on skewers, served with salad  
Seekh Kabob (chicken or Lamb) $13.50
Marinated fresh lamb, barbecued on skewers, served with salad  
Chicken Tandoori (Half 4 Pcs $8.95) (Whole 8 Pcs $15.50) $15.50
Marinated chicken cooked in tandoor and served with butter sauce  
Fish Tandoori (8 Pcs) $15.99
Fish marinated in yogurt, garlic, grilled over a tandoor and served with chutney  
Prawns Tandoori (8 Pcs) $17.95
Yogurt, arromatic safron & spices cooked in slow tandoor  
Paneer Achari Tikka $13.00
Cub cut of paneer stuffed with pickled masala marinated with chard cooked un tandoor  
Mixed Grill $20.95
BBQ Chicken, Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, fish tikka, seekh kabob, paneer tikka  
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