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Tandoori Bread  
Roti $1.25
Whole Wheat unleavened bread baked in tandoor (charcool Oven)  
Naan $2.00
Leavened bread baked in a tandoor  
Garlic Naan $2.50
Leavened bread stuffed with garlic & baked in tandoori  
Chicken Special Naan $3.99
Naan stuffed with chopped chicken & baked in tandoori  
Onion Kulcha  $3.50
Onions mixed with spices & cilantro  
Stuffed Paratha   $4.00
Choice of gobi, aloo or muli  
Spinach/Paneer Naan $3.99
Leavened bread stuffed with Spinach, grated cottage cheese & coriander  
Lacha Paratha $2.99
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